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Wild Rocket - brasserie

The combination of the interior design, friendly staff, delicious food and even better coffee is a combination every café-hopper enjoys and appreciates. Wild Rocket does a great job serving good and healthy portions of breakfast and lunch. Not only can you have the best coffee at wild rocket, they also do catering and host functions. Occasionally you can enjoy some good wine, beer or cocktails to some live music on friday nights.



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Best Coffee in Town

To make good coffee you need good quality coffee beans and a good barista with lots of passion. Wild Rocket just happens to have both. The coffee beans come from Two Beards coffee - a local coffee roastery. Meet the best Barista in Swakopmund Fransi!

- A great coffee should speak for itself -


It's not easy to make them look that good! It requires some skill to make them fluffy and stack them on-top of eachother like that. Don't you think? A must try.
Also, try making them at home South African style.

- The fluffiest-flapjacks -


These cocktails don't only look good, they taste amazing.

Cosmopolitan + Margarita = Cosmorita

"This is the perfect spot for sharing great tasting tapas dishes & large cocktail selection also! The acapella group tugged at my heartstrings, and was a fabulous surprise!"

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